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1. Do you use treats for training?

   We use food for training and nutrition purposes, but we don't encourage secondary food source. We utilize the dog's meal to assist the training to build a relationship between the handler and the dog.

2. Some dog walking companies will not use harnesses. What's your take?

   We encourage owners to use collars as the primary way to guide the dog. We believe that collars work more effectively than harnesses for translating the handler’s message to the dog. Proper use of any device around your dog’s neck should not cause damage to your loved one. Depending on the dog's temperament we'll help you find the fit collar. We preferably use Prong Collars, Herm Sprenger. This tool can be adjusted to all dog's size and temperaments. This creates a calm and relaxed experience for both the handler and the dog.

3. Why do you use prong collars?

   The use of Prong Collars it's very effective in the hands of a well knowledgeable handler, it's the most humane and the safest tool available. We use prong collars because we find them to be very effective tool for clear communication for pets that has a hard time taking directions. When the tool it’s introduced properly, you will have endless results, creating a calm experience with the least physical force from the owner and less stressful for the dog. This helps to create a more attentive dog.

4. Why do you use E-Collars?

   E-Collars it’s a modern device that it is proven to be very effective, and humane. This tool as the Prong Collar can show limitless results as long as it has been properly introduced to the pet. This device can expand you and your dog's horizons when going on a trail. Nevertheless, this is the best tool for emergency communication when it's needed.

5. I’m not sure if I should use the Prong Collar and the E-collar?

   Our training system is designed to create confident, relaxed, and comfortable pets. The tools that we use are introduced in an orderly fashion way where both the handler and the pet is not stressed and the tools are not misused. Both tools can be used on any type of confidence level, but it is the approach on how the handler portraits to use it as.

6. My dog pulls, lunges, barks, and growls. can you fix this?

   yes, we can. We work with different levels of issues, from mild obedience to severe dog or human reactivity.

7. I've tried other training programs and didn’t get the results I was looking for. what makes your program unique?

   We understand that your time and money it's gold, therefore we make sure your commitment it's well invested with the best quality results. Unlike other training approaches, we don’t bribe the pet to behave. We set the example of turning difficult dogs into the dream dog everyone wants. We coach the owner how to lead their dog, we train the dog how to follow and be just a dog. While other training services focus on food conditioning, we set foot to quality real world results.

In our training program, it's systematically developed to create engagement, precision, and rewarding results. We will engage with your dog in a way that changes the pet’s state of mind and sees things more clearly. Once we have set a clear foundation with the pet, we will build precision on their obedience with the results that will be rewarding.

8. Do you guarantee your services?

   We tend to aim for customer satisfaction but being that there are many variables involved in your dog's training: commitment, consistency, self-awareness, and follow-through, we can not guarantee results as it would be unprofessional.

However, We set our clients for success and the first step to that path is consulting with the client prior hiring us. We discuss their urgency, priorities, and their goals they seek. This can only come true with the dedicated, and committed owners that believe in themselves and understands that we deliver effective opportunities for clarity and renewed sense of passion.

Teamwork and collaboration start at the first step we meet you and your canine. Let us help you and become part of the Momentum family!

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