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In 2014, Ozziel had the opportunity 
to meet Cesar Millian (The “Dog Whisperer”)
on his live tour in Queens, New York.

Owner / Trainer

     Hi everyone, my name is Ozziel Pacheco, I founded the company in mid-2016 with the sole purpose to provide the public with the help they needed to train their dog. I'm currently finishing my degree in Criminal Justice and then I'll be redirecting my education to Veterinary Medicine. Prior to this, my plan was to become a J.A.G (Judge Advocate General), a military lawyer.At that time it sounded like a good plan but half way through the journey I met a friend with her dog. Her dog (Buoy) made a turn around for me with his charms and distinctive personality.

     He taught me many things to get me through the first few years of college but never did I expected that he was building my skills for a better career.Buoy lit that spark in me to seek help and learn the ropes of dog behavior, so I began to read and follow Cesar Millan's work. Throughout the years working with dogs, I have volunteered at local animal shelters assisting them with the care, exercise, and love they needed. Then after a year, I had the privilege to work for a reputable company, Dream Come True K9 (DCTK9), working there it helped me sharpen my skills on rehabilitating and training dogs.


     When consulting or prior working with your dog, I do a collective assessment which tells me the fine details about the family. From there I prepare a comprehensive program that can best fit your dog's training. Working with me, my training it's very hands-on teaching you the ropes on training your dog. There is no fast quick cookie cutter process to fast forward your dog's training. The secret to our recipe in training dogs it's COMMITMENT, LEADERSHIP, CONSISTENCY, AND FOLLOW-THROUGH. Our training is structured to teach the dog to coexist with you, your family and children. That's where you'll have the power to control the light switch when it's needed.

     I hope I can be the right fit for you and your dog to get you on the path to a balanced life and essentially become part of the family.

If you're ready to transform your life and your dog's life, my doors are always open. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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