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About Us



             K9 Momentum's mission is to provide the best dog walking and coaching services. We understand the importance of trusting someone with the right knowledge to care for your dog in the city. Our service has a unique real-world program that brings out each dog's full potential so they can co-exist in harmony in everyday city life. We are focused more on just teaching your dog obedience commands, but more importantly, to make good choices on their own, acquire a calm & relaxed state of mind in an energetic city: stop, assess the situation, make a decision. 


  When all of these things are in place, you will see a significant improvement in your dog's manners, and you'll have a stronger bond; communication, leadership, awareness, consistency, and love. 

       Every dog deserves a chance to learn and live, and we believe every dog has the potential to be simply awesome. K9 Momentum has a reputation for understanding misunderstood dogs from any breed, size, and history.  All we ask from you is to take part in your dog's transformation. 

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Our Dog Walking Services is structured to meet your dog's need from socialization, exercise, adventures, and development. There is no pup we can't walk with our pack, with the care for our senior clients to the must tender and breath taking puppy, we provide the best care we can to accommodate them in our daily walks. 

    Our walks are not just short strolls. We bond with your dog to create a connection and by that influence habits that are practical in the real world. 

    As your Dog Walker we'll lead your dog so your dog can lead other dogs by example to discover the best in them but most importantly make you PROUD!

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Pack Walks

$25 . . .                                             30 Min. Pack Walks.

$30 . . .                                             60 Min. Pack Walks.



Two dogs from the same household

$35 . . .                                                30 Min. Pack Walks.

$45 . . .                                                60 Min. Pack Walks.

Dog Training

           DOG TRAINING 


     Our dog training program provides you with the proper tools to have a balanced dog. We help you transform your misunderstood dog to a well-behaved pet or if your dog is a nervous dog and afraid of the world we will turn him into the confident pup he can be. 

Every dog deserves the chance to live a calm, balanced life. We're here to help you!


          Puppies, we love them! they are adorable and irresistible not to have. 

Puppy University, will be your guide on "how to's" from your puppy journey to adulthood. Puppies are a fresh start and they're always absorbing new habits. Therefore, we're here to help you guide them to build their confidence, imprint them commands, set you up with the tools and coach you throughout your puppy parenting.

Dog Training

     This program is structured to help you with your dog with unwanted habits such as dog & human reactivity, nervousness, intensive barking, high level of anxiety, and fear. We will help you on how to redirect your dog's energy to something more constructive. 

      In the process, your dog will learn the basic commands; sit, down, place, and come. These commands will help us set a foundation on addressing behaviors such as separation anxiety, crate tantrums (barking), and build confidence in a remote environment. 


Lastly, you'll be taught the arts of leash pressure and body pressure, which will help you keep your dog calm on the walks and at a moment's notice. Overall, this program is ideal for dogs who have developed bad habits and who are now in need of guidance to the right path.

     Puppy University is a new course designed for beginning and experienced handlers alike. This course will enable you to learn the crucial foundation necessary for all aspects of technique and communication. 

This program will allow you to master the five pillars of dog training: movement, visuals, vocals, drive, and development.

The difference between behavior modification and puppy university is that we're imprinting the foundation and building confidence on the dog. 

You will learn to redirect the puppies' attention rather than 'addressing' their wrong choices and get their attention in a more constructive way. 

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