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Dog Training For

           The Real World.

    Our Momentum training program consists of four days in-home training. We will evaluate your dog in their home environment exhibiting their daily routines where then we will set up a comprehensive plan.


What do we have to offer, you ask?


   This program covers issues from going on a walk as well as basic commands on a leash and off leash. We will also cover behavior problems such as jumping, mouthing, source guarding, counter surfing, and any other precedent issues.


   As a dog owner, we understand the importance of having a well-behaved dog in the big city. That is why we have adjusted our program to tailor the state of mind of your dog to have a responsive pet, instead of conditioning your dog to perform predictability, we will train your dog to be aware of their choices. Nevertheless, our prominent objective is to provide quality results to leave our clients at ease with a happy, balanced dog.


   We know you want to invest your money into something that is worth your time and money. That is why we have included E-Collar / Remote Collar training into our program. This will empower you to have a clear communication and awareness with your dog.


What will an in-home training be like?


   We will set you up with a monthly plan meeting once a week for four weeks with a 1.5-hour session each. The first day we will analyze, assess, and get into some hands-on training. Day two and three will begin to comprise of intense training with you and your dog: guiding, teaching, and motivating your dog on making the right choices and in the fourth day, we will proof your dog's obedience in the real world scenarios.

you will be amazed by the fantastic transformation in your dog's behavior.


Get in touch with us, we can't wait to get you and your dog started!


                                           Price $500.00


*Price does not include an

Educator E-collar –which

range from $175 to $250.


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